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Welcome to SeeHear Recordings...

and to kubulus, the 2nd brand-new album by the phusion-sextet kubus coming from Luzern. Their music is exciting as a good mystery movie. Parts full of action followed by a calm scene to take breath. Surprising changes, but at the horizon you suspect the next rush which will make you move again...
Kubulus has been recorded in 3 live-sessions at the Jazzkantine Luzern in december 2003 where kubus amazed the audience with their new titles. Already on their excellent  debut they showed their talent with an unique fusion of Dance and Jazz!

And to listen some more unique styles scud did two energetic drum'n'bass 12-inches bringing some fresh influences into the common d'n'b-style.
Last but not least visual sounds is working on their vision to make pictures audible and sounds visible...

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Of course SeeHear Recordings is not one-way: We'd like to receive your questions, comments, demos and so on...

Have a nice christmas-time, Thomy(e

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